Friday, November 19, 2010

A weekend on the coast

We've been putting a lot of thought into what we want to do after the wedding. While we don't really have the money or the vacation time to take a honeymoon in Tahiti, we did want to do something special immediately afterwards. After looking around at some places on the coast, we decided that Mendocino would be an awesome place to spend a few days. It's a gorgeous small town, and as luck would have it, we have a friend that works at a bed and breakfast there. It might not end up being sunny beach weather, but it should be great for a low-key getaway. So, we figure we'll spend the first night close to home, and the next day take a drive out to the coast. We're hoping we'll be able to stay at one of the cliffside cottages, which will be perfect for us.
A lovely view. (source)
Really, the idea of spending some time near the ocean with nothing else around just sounds like a perfect start to everything.

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