Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Things You Won't See at Our Wedding

Not that there's anything wrong with these things ....
  • A flowing white dress
  • Tuxedos (unless you're planning to wear one)
  • A line of bridesmaids (or groomsmen)
  • A groom's cake (I didn't even know these existed until about a month ago - I still don't really get the point)
  • Flower petals scattered on the aisle
  • An aisle
  • A priest/pastor/other religious figure (unless Jesus, Allah or Buddha shows up (they'd be crashing the party though; none of them are on the guest list))
  • Throwing bouquets or accessories into a crowd
You will especially not see a white, flowing Hello Kitty dress.
(source: Hello Kitty Hell)
Uh, yeah. A picture is worth a thousand words to describe
why this is not going to happen at our wedding. (And this,
believe it or not, was from a photography site describing
how to get "sensational bouquet and garter toss photos.")

What will you see? Two people who are thrilled to be getting married to each other.

What was that - you want more specifics? Oh, I think we're going to save that for a little later!


  1. How many guests are you going to have? And did you say what kind of venue you will use? Just curious.

  2. We'll have between 40 and 50 guests. We're holding the wedding at Morgan's parents' ranch. Crossing our fingers for good weather so we can have the ceremony outside, but we are also working on backup plans, of course!