Thursday, February 10, 2011

What are you Drinking?

I've said before that I want our wedding to be like a party, and one of the most important things for a party to have (in my experience) is a nice selection of booze.  This is something that I think is a little tricky, since we are going to be doing the bar ourselves (essentially).  For a big party like this, some cases of Natural Ice, some handles of Popov vodka, and a whole bunch of orange juice would be an easy solution.  But we actually want it to be a bit classy, so this might not be the way to go.

Our opinion on the best way to handle the bar is to have some basics, first of all: a keg of some nice beer, bottles of red and white wine, and of course champagne.  After that, we figured we would come up with a few signature drinks, basically just slight variations on some standard drinks that we really like and will cover the bases to have a well rounded bar.  The main goal is not to need a huge selection of different kinds of liquor and mixers, to have a small selection that will cover drinks everyone will like.

Gorgeous cocktail from The Science of Drink.

As far as our personal preferences, we are planning to have a drink or two involving some good bourbon, maybe something with cachaca (a brazilian alcohol that is sort of like a cross between tequila and rum), and we're not entirely sure what else.  We're still doing some research on that.  But here's your chance to help us out!  If you have drink recipes you really like, let us know.  And definitely clue us in if you know of good quality booze that isn't too pricey; the cheaper we can get it, the more we can buy.  We will have a bartender on duty, but just to make it easy on him we are avoiding any drinks that involve muddling stuff, so no mojitos.

We are excited to see you all there!

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