Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finishing Touches

I was hoping that, as the wedding got close, everything would be pretty much figured out and it would finally mellow out a little.  I don't know that we've been so lucky, but things are coming together.  I'm really excited to get on that plane to California, though.  From there on, the only thing left to worry about will be the actual execution of the wedding.  Piece of cake, right?

We are hoping a lot of you will show up around 2:30 for drinks.  We figure this will give a chance for people to meet each other and hang out before the ceremony starts, also the wedding will be more fun if it starts off with some booze.  We should have some nice choices of cocktails for people, and some very good beer from Marin Brewing Company.  We'll probably disappear a little after 3 to actually get changed and ready for the ceremony.

The ceremony is going to be short; we don't want to spend too long standing up in front of everybody.  It is kind of awkward, and might not be the most entertaining thing to watch.  When that wraps up, we'll have to do some of that typical picture-taking, pose with the family type stuff, and then we'll sit down to eat.  My mom and Brian are cooking, and it sounds like there will be some great things on the menu.

The night will wrap up with more drinks (we'll have to finish off the kegs, at least) and fireworks, because what goes together better than alcohol and explosives, am I right?

We'll be taking off afterwards, heading to Walnut Creek for the night and then to Mendocino the next morning.  We will have a few quiet days there on the coast before we come back to Colorado.

I can't wait to be here.

See you guys soon!

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