Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Guess We're Supposed to Have One of These

While it feels tacky to ask for stuff to celebrate our special day, we did decide to make a registry to give suggestions to anyone who felt inclined to bring a gift.  We are in a little bit of an unusual situation, since we are going to spend about 9 months in China a few months after the wedding; I will be teaching there for an academic year, which is very exciting for us.

Given that we will soon be leaving the country, it was a little difficult to think of what would make a good gift.  However, we did manage to find some items that we could use before we leave, a few things that would be great to have on our trip, and things that could help get us on our feet when we come back.  That being said, we are not expecting gifts out of you.  We just want you at the wedding, celebrating with us.

George Foreman iPod-ready Grill; I don't want this.
Okay, maybe I do, but it's not on the registry.

For those who are interested, our registry can be found 
here.  It is hosted as an Amazon Universal Registry, which means a few of the items are not actually sold through Amazon; clicking on them will take you to a different page where they can be purchased.


  1. George Foreman iPod-ready Grill. I'm not even sure what it means or does, but I think it's going to go on our registry!

    Congrats on your trip to China, I've always wanted to do something like that!

  2. Oh, Ursula, I will miss you! But congratulations, of course! I wonder if Jeopardy! airs in China...?

  3. I'm not sure what the grill does either, but it looks like it's from outer space, so it must be awesome.

  4. Sheena: music and grilling seem like a winning combination, although it looks like it might eat your dinner if you don't snatch it away fast enough.

    We're very excited about going to China, but it does present some logistical difficulties.

    Jeanie: I kind of doubt that the American version of Jeopardy! would air there. But I don't have a prayer at any Chinese trivia games. I'll be around online after we go, and we'll definitely be blogging the experience.

  5. That was going to be my next question. Good, I'll be eager to read about it!