Friday, October 29, 2010

People take pictures of each other

Our latest wedding-related mission has been to find a photographer. This has been kind of a big endeavor for us; we wanted to find a professional whose style meshes with the vision we have for the wedding. And who fit our budget. So, after looking at a few things that showed up in google searches, we decided to look into the internet underworld that is craigslist.

Now, you never really know what you might find when you go to craigslist. We went over all of the information we wanted to put into our post: where the wedding was, the style of photography we were interested in, size of the wedding, our budget. And just like that, within 24 hours we had about 30 responses from people who wanted to shoot our wedding.

Of course, this is where the real work begins. Have you ever looked at a photographer's website? They seem to be universally filled with Flash nightmares, menus that disappear when you want to use them, and auto-playing wedding music. Now imagine looking over 30 of those cluttered, lumbering behemoths. Of course, some of them were easy to rule out. The wedding photography trend seems to be overexposed, washed out pictures, as if that somehow romanticizes the whole affair. Then there were the people who had never shot a wedding, who were actually videographers, or were happy to shoot our wedding for 3 times our budget (seriously, read our post before you respond).

After a lot of hard work, we have a few photographers who do great work, are in the area, and willing to shoot within our budget. It feels good to be able to find what we were looking for.

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