Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Brides Are Insane*

In the last month or so as I've been browsing wedding-related sites, I've learned many things. I haven't been to many weddings (three, including my own, which was a go-to-Reno-and-stand-in-front-of-an-officiant-and-say-the-words affair), so it's been very informative.

Some things I've learned:

  • In California, you can have someone deputized for the day to officiate at your wedding.
  • Those flag-type things that hang on a string or whatever are called "bunting."
This may make you think "used car lot,"
but it should make you think "wedding."
(photo from  Blue Moon Studios on Etsy)
  • A lot of people do theme weddings (for a moment, I started to worry that we didn't have a theme. I'm over it now.)
  • To some people, the Chicken Dance is considered traditional.
  • Brides are insane.

The last item isn't on the list because of stories of throwing a tantrum about bridesmaids' dresses or needing to have M&Ms in the wedding colors, oddly enough. No, it comes from reading many pleas for advice and rants about family members/friends/coworkers/people who live on the same block/that one check-out girl at the grocery store planning weddings for the same day/week/month/season/year as the bride's wedding.

I get the idea that it's a big day in your life, but it doesn't exactly preclude anyone else having big days of their own. If someone else has a wedding in the same month, it doesn't mean there's less happiness to go around. I would be annoyed if they were holding it the same day and invited all the same people, but the odds of that are pretty low.  So hey, anyone out there who might decide to get married near my wedding day: more power to you.

*Except me, of course. 

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