Sunday, March 13, 2011

Settling In

It has only been a week so far, but I have to say, the married life has been pretty great so far.  We are getting back into the routine around our apartment in Denver, back to school, back to real life.  Some of your photos from the wedding have been coming in, and we should have the professional ones soon, but we want more! Get us your pictures! You should start to see us post the ones we have online soon, and there are already a few from our honeymoon in Mendocino.

Seriously, this was the view from our room in Mendocino.

We thought the wedding was amazing, the ranch was a perfect setting and we were really glad the weather held out for us.  I got to see a lot of you who I hadn't seen in years, and it meant a lot to celebrate with all of you.  The bar setup looked really cool, and our awesome bartenders were making some of the best (and strongest) drinks I've been served in Brentwood.  The almond huller shed had been completely transformed into an actual hangout spot, which was incredible.  And the dinner was absolutely perfect.  I want to extend a big thanks to everyone who helped make it happen, and who made it out; it was a good time for us, and I hope it was for all of you as well.


  1. I'm eager to see a picture of your dress, Ursula! Congratulations to you both. :-)

  2. Thank you very much, Jeanie! We have a few pictures taken by our guests, but we should also be getting the professional ones within a week. I'll definitely be posting some soon!