Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Last Saturday was the annual Zombie Crawl in downtown Denver. This was our second year going. It's quite a scene; people in this town really seem to love their zombies. I'm not going to post any really gruesome ones here, so even if horror isn't your thing, you can read pretty safely. (Also, I'm just gonna tell you now there might be a reason to get all the way to the bottom of the post.)

Checking his No-Facebook.

One intersection on the 16th Street Mall gets closed down and most of the people congregate in that area, although there's certainly no lack of zombies for blocks around. Many people go all-out with their costumes, some go the lazy "I smeared blood on myself, I'm a zombie" route, and others just seem confused.

I believe the mime convention is next weekend.
You may also have noticed her mismatched footwear. 

I love child zombies, and there were quite a few out. The family that eats brains together, stays together, I guess. 
Even zombie children don't always get their way.

No festival is complete without music from a band of the undead. Whoever they were, they weren't half-bad, either. The singer had a sort of Tom Waits thing going without sounding like he was imitating Tom Waits.

I have no picture to illustrate this story (and that's a real shame), but here goes anyway. We brought Penny down with us. She's okay in crowds, although she doesn't like it when dogs sneak up on her, so sometimes she's a little embarrassing with the growling and barking at them. She was really good on this particular day, not with the dogs, but with the number of people (especially children) who petted her suddenly. Sometimes she interacted with them; most of the time she just ignored them while they patted her head. We had been standing in one place on the sidewalk, leaning against a wall, for a while and she got comfortable enough to settle in and lay down. Not long after, a trio of cops on bicycles squeezed past us. The first one was close but not that bad. The second one encroached on Penny's space (I thought his pedal was going to hit her in the head). She jumped up and nipped his ankle. I think she got him, although it happened fast and so I could only say for sure that I saw his pant leg stretched in her teeth. The third cop paused for a second and looked at Penny, but went on without comment. I know he deserved it, Penny, but you just can't go around biting the cops!

And now, as a reward for scrolling all the way to the bottom, it's time for Who Wore It Better? Blood-Spatter Edition.

Exhibit 1: Accessorized with blood, a fox mask, ripped stockings, and a hook.
Someone's having a bad day
Exhibit 2: Accessorized with bolero jacket, wrist corsage, '80s hair, and a gay prom date.
Yes, me. 
It's sort of an odd feeling to see someone wearing your prom dress as a costume. I mean, okay, the prom was in 1989 so that's practically vintage (the shortest amount of time I'll accept as "vintage" is 25 years, so we're not quite there yet), but still. When did so much time pass? Oh, who am I kidding: my initial reaction was to laugh, not to ponder the nature of time.

I have a bunch more pictures of zombies that I didn't include here - you can see them on Flickr.


  1. The prom dress thing is hysterical. Creepy, really. So how was the crowd this year? Went last year and could barely walk through Skyline park. My wife took the boys this year and said it was busy, but not so bad as last year. Zombies aren't really my thing. I prefer vampires.

    1. It's funny that I didn't even notice when I was there, but as soon as I saw the picture, I recognized it!

      I think your wife was probably right. There were times we couldn't get through the crowd last year. Funny that I didn't see any vampires - a werewolf, a few witches, Batman, and those feminine hygiene products, but no vampires.