Sunday, January 22, 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Normally, this would be a post from Morgan. He's actually mostly written one, but it's sitting in the queue waiting to be edited. He's been a little extra-busy recently with applying for jobs and his new class starting. He's teaching Linear Algebra and Differential Equations this semester. So I've decided to give him a break instead of harassing him to post and just go ahead and post another blog myself.

It was 66 degrees today in Denver. We get a lot of pretty mild days in the winter, but usually they're interspersed with cold and/or snow. This year it feels like we've had mild and milder days. Not much snow, not much really cold weather.

The post title means something along the lines of "congratulations and good fortune," and is referring to the arrival of the Year of the Dragon, which begins on Monday. We went out today to try to find some celebrations for the Chinese New Year, but I guess there's not enough of an Asian community to make it a really big thing. I miss the giant parades in the Bay Area. On the plus side, though, we found a good Asian bakery and picked up some cha siu bao (steamed pork buns), egg custard tarts, and something that only I like - sesame balls filled with red bean paste. There aren't any really good dim sum places, but at least we can get a few things at that bakery now.

We also went downtown to check out some new street art. The artist, David Choe, apparently recently did some art at the Facebook offices. This is one small section of one of the four pieces he did here.

Our evenings have been occupied by watching the Australian Open. I'm so glad that Morgan has learned to like tennis, or he'd be a tennis widower during the Grand Slams.


  1. Ahh...linear algebra. That's the one that made me switch from my math major to something else.

    1. I was finished with math long before any of the classes that Morgan teaches, haha. I didn't even make it to calculus. But I know that linear algebra does a lot of people in.

  2. 66°? In Denver? In January?

    I like the red-bean paste thingies too!
    Just had a pork-bun on Thursday from the Asian Market where we get roast duck from every now and then.

    1. It's funny, we definitely get 60 degree days in December, January ... maybe not February, but we get warm days interspersed with the cold. It's a unique situation with being on high plains but near those giant mountains. It's just that it's mostly been in the 40s and 50s this winter, which is entirely too mild.

      Yay for someone else who likes the red bean balls - when we go to dim sum I can't get anyone else to eat them. No one - even my daughter who pretty much likes everything!

  3. Thank you sweetheart! I'll get mine finished up and posted as soon as I'm done with this essay.