Sunday, July 17, 2011

Crummy Weather

We have been having a tough time getting out to do anything lately.  It has been a combination of things, really, and it has been rather frustrating.

One part of it is that Ursula has been getting over being sick since we've gotten home from Germany.  It started as a cold, and for nearly three weeks now she has been coughing, although she is feeling a lot better these last few days.  I have also been very busy working.  I am helping to teach a course for high school teachers that is intended as a "research experience"; they essentially do a lot of heavy math to get an idea of what it looks like to be a researcher.  This has been a Monday through Friday gig, and I typically don't get home until around 2:30.

Well, I know 2:30 is not especially late in the day to go and do something, but this brings me to the most annoying factor: the damn weather.  For a week straight now, we have these nice warm days; then I get finished at school around 2 and drive home.  Without fail, the clouds have come in by 3:00 and we get pouring down rain, thunder and lightning, and who knows what else.  There have been flash flood watches for three days in a row now.  We ended up losing power the other night for about 6 hours.  Trees have been falling over in the neighborhood, and we even got hail the size of silver dollars.

Ursula's video of the hailstorm.

Today, finally, we had a nice day.  We got to check out some yard sales, which was a good excuse to just cruise around town.  We had a little rain and thunder in the evening, but not enough to spoil the day.  Hopefully we are through with the ugliness and finally have some sunshine headed our way,

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  1. Hi, Ursula. Sorry to see you haven't posted in a while. I wanted to let you know I'm going to be on Jeopardy! on March 28th. I hope you and Morgan will watch!
    By the way, how did you give your readers the option to subscribe to comments by e-mail? I can't find that!
    Thanks. I hope you're well. :-)