Sunday, April 28, 2013

Moving ... for at Least a Little While

Life sure does get in the way of blogging. And when you feel like not much of interest is going on, that gets in the way of blogging, too.

But since there's something to report, I'm back. Morgan got an offer of a 6-month research position (June or July through the end of the year), which is awesome. The position is in Ghent, Belgium. Which is also presumably awesome - I can't say with any authority, since I've never been there. Morgan has been to Belgium twice and Ghent once, and he assures me I'll like it. (I admit to being apprehensive about the rainy weather that seems to be much-talked about.)

Overview of Ghent (source)

It's funny how these things work out though. My son will be starting at CU Boulder in the fall, and it gave me a reason to be pleased about being stuck in Denver, finally. Now, we'll be leaving before Jacob gets here and instead of being 30 miles away, we'll be ... well, a whole lot farther - an ocean and eight time zones. It's disappointing timing, but I know this is how things often work; circumstances fling us around and all we can do is see each other when we can.

We already had plans to go to California for Jacob's graduation on May 29 and spend a couple of weeks there, so now the end of May is our target date for paring down our stuff and being ready to go. It's going to be a whirlwind of thrift store donations, Craigslist ads, paperwork-filing, packing and driving to California over the next 30 days.