Saturday, December 11, 2010


For the past few months, I've been subscribing to an increasing number of wedding sites to gather inspiration. Last night, when I loaded up my Google Reader and the umpteenth washed-out photo of a bride in a white dress topped by a birdcage veil appeared in the list of waiting posts, I realized I was done.

I no longer need to consider each photo, trying to decide if I want to add certain types of shots to our list for the photographer. I don't need to scour the details of the decorations, trying to see if there's yet another thing I should think about incorporating into our wedding. I don't need to contemplate whether an idea I see will fit in with our overall aesthetic.  Morgan and I have got our vision, and it's about as crammed full of ideas as it can be. Everything we've decided on is us, and that's all we need, ultimately.

Maybe soon, when I feel like most of the work is actually completed, I'll be able to enjoy looking through the photos again. But for now, it just feels like so much clutter, and I'm enjoying scrolling right on past.

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Am I Losing My Mind Yet?

Well, the wedding is starting to feel close and, while we have a lot of things taken care of, there still are some big items that we haven't really figured out yet. And I think I'm starting to panic a little.

So, most of the big things are done; we have a photographer, officiant, and a cake lined up. Ursula has ordered her dress and another for the maid of honor. We have the venue taken care of (thanks Mom), and the catering (again, thanks Mom). But I haven't really figured out my suit, and it has me a bit worried. Also, there are a lot of little things that I know deep down will fall into place (and we have put some thought into them), but it is starting to feel like a ton to do over the next three months. And of course, these next three months include Christmas, which kind of screws everything up in terms of getting stuff done. At this rate, it feels like I might be getting married with no clothes.

Of course, even though we will be in California for a few weeks, we will be able to take care of a lot of wedding related stuff like getting our marriage license, making honeymoon plans, (hopefully) getting my clothes, and figuring out some decorations and menu items. With some luck, it will feel a little less stressful after that. As it is now, I'm just really happy that I have Ursula next to me; it is a big comfort having someone who is so on top of everything working with me and keeping me motivated.